Tuesday, January 3, 2017


This is a simple test worth 25 points. You have been a wonderful class and I will miss having you all.

Take your time. Create a Word .doc file for writing the answers. Make sure the file name contains your chinese name and student number. You can email to me at turton.michael@gmail.com or save it on a USB stick and give it to me. Due at the end of class... leave when you are done, but be sure to be here next week...

Do not copy and paste.

1. Explain how the land tax situation encourages people to keep land and not use it.

2. Give two examples from the readings in Week 12 and Week 16 of local governments cooperating with large businesses wrongly using agricultural land.

3. In 1968 the government began registering aboriginal land. List three consequences for the aboriginal peoples.

4. The movie Beyond Beauty showed what industries destroying Taiwan's natural environment? Name two.

5. Who benefits, and how do they benefit, if aborigines lose their land and must rent homes in the city?

6. Why don't factories rent space in Taiwan's industrial districts?

7.  What are the four steps of the evolution of land zoning?

8. According to the piece on labor from New Bloom, what were the demands of labor?

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